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I came to Amy for massage therapy because I had had surgery on a gluteal muscle and was having to deal with constant pain. She throughly evaluated my movements to discover where my problems were and then began working on those areas first. Each time I come in she asked me how my week was and if I currently have any pain. And I really appreciate that, because sometimes I have pain or difficulties in a different area of my body from the compensation I seem to do to make up for the weak area.

Sometimes the treatment is painful, but I'm always surprised how quickly my body responds with easier movement or lack of pain in movement after she has done my treatment! For instance, I told her my knees were "popping" and painful while descending stairs. Amy went after the offending muscles and it really hurt at first but after the treatment my knees didn't hurt or "pop" any more.

I would recommend Amy to anyone in any kind of movement difficulty or pain. I often tell my friends about her and found out that one of my friends already sees her. We both agreed she really knows her stuff! Her knowledge of the muscles and the nerve pathways amazes me. She always seems to know what's going on with me just by watching me walk in! If anyone ever has any doubt, just ask her to observe you while you are walking or moving, and she will almost always nail what's going on just by observation!

Esther C.

Art Teacher, Pacifica, CA

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